Have trouble connecting to the internet while on the go? What’s your goal here? These iOS and Android applications are perfect for when you’re on the go and don’t have access to the internet.

    Those who have a smartphone, have access to a whole universe of entertainment alternatives. Travelling by vehicle or aircraft with no internet connection makes most of these choices pointless.

    The good news is that several iPhone and Android applications can keep you entertained if you’re stuck in traffic or otherwise unable to connect to the Internet or your cell phone. If you’re on a restricted data plan, these applications are a lifesaver.


    If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, downloading songs and playlists is a breeze. On a maximum of five separate devices, you can download up to ten thousand songs. With the offline sync feature, you may also download and listen to an album or playlist.

    An internet connection is required to download music. Spotify, on the other hand, mandates that you log in to the service at least once every thirty days to keep your music.

    Using the My Library icon, you’ll begin. The download icon, which looks like a down arrow encircled by a circle, may be found when you locate anything you want to download. If you’re not connected to the internet, you’ll see this indicator whenever you’re offline.


    It’s an understatement to say that YouTube’s video library is massive. To download these videos, you must be a YouTube Premium user.

    You can view videos without advertising and keep them playing even when you’re using other applications when the screen is closed if you have a membership. YouTube Music   Premium is also included with a membership. If you’re on the fence about paying for   YouTube Premium, check out our overview to see if it’s worth it.

    To download any video, click on the download icon that is located underneath the video icon. In the next step, you may choose the quality of the video you want to download. Of course, if you want to watch a high-quality film, you’ll need additional storage capacity on your smartphone. A downloaded icon (a checkmark with a line under it) will show after the process is complete. The Library tab is where you’ll find videos you’ve downloaded.

Amazon Kindle

    It’s simple to get an Amazon Kindle book onto your device after you’ve purchased it.   Navigate to the app’s Library section. Tap the cover to begin downloading when it appears on the list of titles you want to download. Downloading is an option that may be found by long-pressing the title.

    Click the Downloaded section on the Library tab to see the titles you’ve downloaded.

Pocket Casts

    If you’re looking for something to keep you entertained for hours on end, podcasts are your best bet. Pocket Casts is an all-in-one podcast player that allows users to search for and download the right podcast episode.

    To download an episode, simply click the Download button on the episode’s page when you discover something you like. Choose Downloads, then click on your profile to access all of your saved episodes.

    It’s not merely a technique to download podcasts and listen to them later. From your favourite subscriptions, you can effortlessly establish a playback queue, cut silence, modify the playing speed, as well as more. Controlling playing and volume on an iPhone doesn’t require a hand iPhone if you have an Apple Watch.

Google Maps

    More than just a navigation program, Google Maps is an excellent resource. While on vacation or a work trip, you may easily find a place to relax and recharge. In addition, you may download a location map to your smartphone without an online connection.

    Look up a location while you’re online. Click the Download button on that page. You’ll be  asked to confirm the download location.

    Select your profile picture or otherwise Offline maps to access downloaded maps. It is possible to utilise the navigation and search functions, as well as see routes and receive instructions from there.


    Whether you’re taking a short subway ride or a longer one, you don’t have to stress about your commute. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can leave the internet access and still be engaged for the duration of your trip.

    Without internet access, several excellent productivity apps can keep you on top of your work. Even if you’re not in front of the computer, you can still enjoy yourself. These smartphone apps will keep you occupied while you’re not connected to the internet.